Family Home Evening Lesson on Charity

Family Home Evening Lesson on Charity

This week’s FHE Lesson is on Charity. It’s been a week or so since Valentine’s Day weekend, so it’s a perfect night to spend a little bit of time on Charity!



Scripture: Moroni 7:47-48.

Lesson: See Below.

Closing prayer.

Activity: Write goals for the week about Christlike things you can do for others

Treat: Heart-shaped cinnamon rolls (or your leftover Valentine’s Day treats!)



Charity talks about a type of love that most of us are unused to dealing with: unconditional. When it says charity never fails, it means that no matter what happens--God loves you. And that means unconditionally! How frequently do we get mad at people or withdraw love/affection from them when they do something we don’t like? How horrible would the world be without the perfect love of God?


First question: Where can we find examples of true love in the scriptures? or, what scripture stories do we know that show love no matter what? Examples:

  • Luke 22:50-51. Jesus Christ healed the ear of the man coming to take him to his death. By doing this, did Christ show love or hate?
  • In Alma 24:23, the Lamanites went to the land of Nephi to kill the king--but the Anti-Nephi-Lehites threw themselves on the ground and refused to pick up their weapons. In Alma 26:32, we learn that this is because they would rather sacrifice their lives than kill their brothers, because “of their love towards” them.

Second question: Why should we show love to people that hurt us?

  1. Because we are required to forgive all: D&C 64:8-11. Those that didn’t forgive and harbored hardness in their hearts didn’t show love, and they were afflicted & chastened.
  2. Through love, we can better ourselves. Moroni 8:16 says “perfect love casteth out all fear.” John 4:18 teaches us something similar.
  3. Because they are not so different from us. John 8:7 shows us an example where Christ refuses to let people show hate for a woman, because no one there is perfect either.
  4. Because God promises a great reward for those that love their enemies: Luke 6:35.

Third question: How can I learn to love people I don’t like? Why is it difficult to show people that hurt us love? How can we do it? How can we change our hearts to want to help “those that despitefully use [us]” and “do good to them that hate [us]” (3rd Nephi 12:44).

  • Alma 13:28 says we can pray for it.
  • Mosiah 2:4 shows us that if we keep the commandments, we’ll be filled with love for God and men.
  • Moroni 8:26 shows us that through the remission of sins, we can have the Holy Ghost, who fills us with perfect love.
  • More specifically, in Mosiah 18:8-9, we can “mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort.”


Charity is the pure love of Christ. If we lack charity, the scriptures say that we cannot inherit the kingdom of God (Ether 12:34, Moroni 10:21). Think & discuss why the scriptures would phrase it that way. As we exemplify this quality, we can become more like Christ, and be brought to the fountain of righteousness (Ether 12:28). Bear testimony of charity, service, compassion and the atonement.


John 3:16 - God loves us, so he sent his Son

Isaiah 49: 14-16 - The Lord loves us and is always aware of us.

Luke 10:30-37 - The parable of the good Samaritan